Doing it for Dan

Rider Information

First up, we are blown away by how much money we have already raised through this event. Over £400 has been donated by yourselves and your friends to the Doing it for Dan crowdfunding page. Well done everyone. Let’s see if we can hit £600.

Given the weather (i.e. pretty cold), we are encouraging everyone to do the 15km route unless you are super confident about being OK on the 15 mile route. The key thing here is not necessarily the amount of miles we ride, it is the fact that all of us have committed to getting out there and doing our bit for Dan.


Please DO NOT feel pressured into riding if the roads are icy. It is perfectly OK to defer your leg of the relay to either an earlier  time or later, when the sun is up and roads cleared of any hazards. Also, please don’t push yourself to get back for the next rider and have either an accident or injure yourself. Being late back to the start point is absolutely fine. It is also totally fine to abandon due to a mechanical or physical issue. We are offering a rescue service to everyone that will make sure we can get you back to the start, or your home (so long as you aren’t living miles away!).  If you do find yourself pulling out and do not require help, please do call the rescue number so that we know that you are okay.

Lights are a great idea both during the day and the night. The sun is pretty low in the sky at the moment so rear lights in the daylight are a must. For the night riders, try to have two front lights so that you have a backup in case one fails. If you need to borrow a light, please let us know. We have plenty of spare rear and front lights.

The road surfaces are awful as most of us regular riders know. While some pothole filling has happened, there are still significant cracks in the roads that are really easy to get your wheel stuck in. This is especially true on the down hill stretches from Mentmore on both routes. Please be very careful, especially at night. Riding away from the left hand curb can help avoid most of the worst bits, if traffic allows.

This is not an insured or centrally organised event – this is a bunch of individuals doing their thing collectively and as such, you are ultimately responsible for your own safety and any insurances your feel are needed.


The good people of Cheddington will be wanting their beauty sleep & extra hour whilst we are wending our way around the countryside.  PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL AND KEEP THE NOISE DOWN AFTER 10PM –  We are starting and finishing in a residential area.

The Routes

We begin and finish on the Green, at the centre of Cheddington, outside the Methodist Church.  There will be some start/finish and logo markers attached to the railings. Each rider should aim to start on the hour at the time in the rider spreadsheet linked here –

There will be a baton to hand over to the next rider.

The 15km route is the one that we are encouraging people to ride. On a road bike, it should be possible for all of us to get round in under an hour. It starts off heading towards Mentmore but then turns right at the double mini roundabouts and heads towards Cheddington Railway station, through the traffic lights to the T junction where it turns left on to the Horton Road.

Save something in the tank for the last 1km as we take you up around the back of Cheddington before coming back down on to the main road and then back to the start point, to ensure we hit the full 15km.

15km route – recommended for all riders

If, and ONLY if, you are feeling confident about being able to do it safely at a average of over 15mph, the 15 mile route is detailed below.

This route starts off the same as the 15km, in that it heads off towards Cheddington Station, but then it turns left into the station car park, follows the left hand entrance to the car park and loops around the whole car park and back to the main road, where it heads back to the two mini roundabouts. We then turn left at the roundabouts and head towards Mentmore.

15 mile route – only for the speedy sorts

Roadside Assistance

There will be a telephone support line and car on standby for the whole 24 period to offer a rescue. All riders will be contacted on Friday evening either via Facebook if you are a member or the Ivinghoe Velos Rear Hub, or email if you sent an email to the sign up address on the spreadsheet above.

Supporting our Riders

If you aren’t riding but would like to wave us off, please do pop over to the start point. You should be able to see someone off on the hour, each hour.  Dan’s sister, Zoe, and their dad, Dave, are riding the final lap at 11am.  If you can, please come along and cheer them off – but more importantly – cheer them back in…..

Donations & Sponsorship

Please send your donations and / or sponsorship over to Dan’s just giving page.

TO ALL THE RIDERS, thank you again for taking part and helping make a difference to these guys lives.  You are all amazing.