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Tea in the Sun….

It’s that time of the week again.  The sun is shining so put on your shorts (a respectable amount of coverage is requested please – hot pants may cause chafing or offence – or both!) and get on your bike.

The Tea Ride is off to Berkhamsted – the Court House or Wetherspoons to be voted on departure.  Out via Castlemead, Northfield Road, Aldbury, Trooper Road, through Dudswell, Bridgewater Road to Berko station and coming back, along the canal for that wish or via Dudswell, Albury & Pitstone Hill.

Sunscreen recommended; helmets advisable; cheerful chatter requested; refreshments virtually compulsory.

Leaving the R&C, Ivinghoe at 10am.

Tea Time!

So tomorrow, the Tea Ride is going to swing it’s way around Tring…. Through Castlemead, Marshcroft Lane, Tring crossroads, Tring Triangle, past the Cemetery, through the village with the farm where sledges were used instead of carts (Local Historical Fact.  This is because it’s on the side of a hill and carts didn’t work well) and to Buckland Church for Bacon Butties.  Coming home, we will Womble through Wilstone, Leg it along Lukes Lane and mooch our way back through Marsworth.

Leaving the Rose & Crown at 10am

Tea Tour at Ten & Velos Kit Order

Leaving the R&C at 10am tomorrow at  Tea ride pace, we shall be trundling around Tring – through Castlemead, Marshcroft Lane, Mortimer Hill,  Tring crossroads, along the back of the Tring Triangle, Miswell Lane, Windmill Way through to Ash Road, Little Tring, via Tringford and to the garden centre at Bulbourne for tea & cake.  From there, onto the Canal at the Junction Arms to Bluebells and over the humps to home.  This will give a nice, about as flat as you can get round here, 20 miles at a leisurely pace.

Those wishing to go further (back via Albury & Pitstone Hill maybe?) or faster, please form a separate group.

Velos Kit
A new order has been opened – there are one or two key items missing from the options at the moment – Sally is on the case so if what you’re after isn’t there, please check back in a day or two.  The order will be open for about a week.  (Another order will be opened later in the year too).
You can login using the “I am a returning customer” login which can be seen via the following link;

Existing members or members that have ordered before can use their current login details.
New members or members that haven’t ordered before, need to use the following login details;
Login: ivinghoe
Password: kit17
Once you have entered these details, you will then be asked to create their own personal login which you can use going forwards.

Tea Ride, Velos Kit & Doug’s Funeral

So tomorrow’s ride will see us creeping off to the Crypt in Leighton Buzzard. We will leave the Rose & Crown at 10am at Tea Ride pace. Those wishing to go faster, please form a separate group.

Velos Kit
If anyone is interested in ordering any kit – we need a collective total of 20 items to place an order – please contact Sally Beezer. You can reply to this message or find her on Facebook on the Ivinghoe Velos Rear Hub page.

Doug Clark’s Funeral
All Velos are invited to Doug Clark’s funeral, which will be held at The Sacred Heart Church, Leighton Buzzard, LU7 1HZ on Tuesday 2nd May at 12.30pm.
Afternoon Tea will then be served afterwards at The Rose & Crown, Ivinghoe.
Parking on Ivinghoe Lawn.

PLEASE:- No black or dark clothing. Bright colours pnly. Cycling kit welcomed & encouraged.
No flowers – donations to the Church or Ian Rennie
Thank you

Boomers & Sooners

On April 22nd, 1889, the land rush of the unassigned lands of Oklahoma all kicked off.  At 12 noon.  The “Sooners” laid in wait out on the land for the legal time of entry.  The “Boomers” were the people who campaigned for the lands to be opened up and assigned legally.

What’s that got to do with the Tea Ride? (Apart from the date …obviously… or perhaps not, for those who have only just signed up for the mailing list!)  The SOONER you get there, the sooner you can get going.  Kick off time (i.e. departure time – not “turn up” time please!) is 10am and, as usual, we assemble at the Rose & Crown.  Hopefully there will be good weather and a boom in numbers…. in which case you will all be BOOMERS 🙂

Marvellous Mary will be leading a Tea Ride paced group (10-12mph) out to The Driving Range, via Beggars Lane and Shootersway, and (most probably) returning down Hamberlins Lane, Boswick Lane to Dudswell and back via Albury & Pitstone Hill.  There will be stops along the way for her to collect her flock.  If you wish to go further or faster, please form a separate group.

Tea… at Ten…

You know the drill.  Leaving the R&C at 10am for Tea and Cake.

As fast as the slowest rider (avg 8-10mph). Forming a second group for faster riders if necessary.

Humpty Trumpty…

wanted a wall.
Humpty Trumpty wanted it tall.
Now Emily Kaufman has created her own
And behind it Trumpty news will be thrown.

Fed up of hearing his nonsense each day?
To avoid the man, there now is a way.
Download the filter – it’s free for you
Block out Trump & improve your view.

This is a wall we may all want to build.
To remove the Trump may leave us thrilled.
Sadly this is just an online tool
And still, in the real world, we are stuck with the fool.

You are, of course, entitled to your own political view but given free speech and the lack of other information filtering through to my little brain this week, you are also entitled to my opinion.

The only other useful information I have to impart at this times that the Tea Ride will be departing the Rose & Crown, Ivinghoe at 10am.  As fast as the slowest rider.  Those wishing to cycle at 10-12 mph, please form a separate group.


…. will be cold.
….will probably be snowing.
….will still go ahead.

And if you don’t fancy the outdoors, “It” by Stephen King is a tremendous read.

The Tea Ride. Saturdays at 10am.  Whatever the weather.
As fast as the slowest rider.  If 8-10 mph is too slow for you, please feel free to form a second, faster group.


It may persist…

This Saturday,
And so shall I,
With what I have to say.

The Tea Ride is meant
To be fun for all.
Both young & old
Short & tall.

There are many needs
It tries to meet.
Whilst finding quiet routes
And places to eat.

Helping build confidence &
Teach skills on the seat
(A bit like learning to dance
If you’ve two left feet).

The pace is set
By the slowest one out.
If we go too fast
You just have to shout.

We stop and we start
All around the lanes
Preferably in places where
The traffic load wanes.

But we can’t please all
In one big group.
Our ride styles are different,
We’re an oddball group!

As ride leaders we’re here
To help & support
Guide a group
And share what we’ve been taught.

If your needs aren’t met
And you find it too slow.
Perhaps the main ride
You’ve begun to outgrow.

We don’t want you to leave us
And ride alone.
But we don’t want you to just
Be bored to the bone.

Pick a pal who rides
At a similar pace
And a longer route to our tea stop
You then can trace.

Our motto is simple
And to it we adhere
“As fast as the slowest”
We hope this is clear.

Meeting at the Rose & Crown for a 10am departure.