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Velos rides for Sunday 8th December

The forecast is for a bright and breezy Sunday, so join us for the perfect antidote to seasonal party excess and shopping Armageddon. Three rides to choose from as usual. A 9am route of 45 miles in length taking us down Kop Hill or two 10am routes heading South towards Chesham (32 miles or 21 miles) . Which ever time and ride you join, please have the route with you and support your fellow riders round.

9am route:

10am to Chesham

10am to Hastoe

Ivinghoe Velos Rides for Sunday 24th November

This week we have additional optional rides for anyone wanting hills hills and more hills. We have a route covering 42 miles with over 3,500 feet of climbing, tackling (nearly) every slope in Berkhamsted for this ride arrive at 9am with this route plan:

If you fancy some of the hills with 2,700 feet of climbing try this 32 mile 10am option:

Usual ride options which have less climbing, so lending themselves to tight group riding without the waiting on hill tops, are as follows…..

9am 55 miles through Redbourn, via Duststable Downs and out to Cublington

10am 37 miles through Redbourn, via Dunstable Downs and out to Great Billington:

With Christmas creeping up quickly we would like to propose that Friday 13th December is our social gathering at the Rose & Crown for drinks and comparing cycling Christmas wish lists. It will be a bit like post ride Sundays without the slightly damp Lycra. It’s a casual “drop in when you can” occasion so feel free to organise your own food options at the pub if crisps is not enough to meet your culinary needs.

Ivinghoe Velos Rides for Sunday 03/11/2019

This Sunday rides head towards the Bletchley area. Three routes to choose from, 27, 40 or 51 miles. As the road conditions are deteriorating at this time of year a check of your brakes and tires plus the addition of mudguards are recommended. Sunday is predicted to be the better conditions of the weekend. Riding in a supportive group will get you further and riding faster than going solo, so join one of our groups and go well.

Next week we will aim to pause our rides so we can observe remembrance Sunday as a group.

9am longer:

10am long:

10am Medium:

Velos rides for Sunday 27th October

There will be no better place on Sunday morning (unless you are Welsh and like rugby) than the Ivinghoe Velos rides. Three rides to pick from, all heading in the same direction, the weather looks excellent, wall to wall sun with low winds, so a great opportunity to get a decent winter ride in. The 9am ride will give riders the chance to complete 100km while the 10am routes head off in the same direction but follows short cuts. Hopefully the rides will merge at some point!

The 9am route takes us to Christmas Common, a great ride, so if you’ve not done a long ride for a while, give it a go, we will support you round, no one will be left behind, we ride as a group. If you still want to ride the whole route but at a reduced pace why not set off 15 minutes early and we will catch you up! One thing to remember is the clocks change on Saturday night, so get yourself to bed early and join us to start wintertime in style.

9am 59miles:

10am 45 miles:

10am 31 miles:

Velos Rides for Sunday 15th September 2019

The weather looks set fair for a bright day with light winds, so a good day to forget your week day worries and get out and ride! The usual three routes options to choose from this week….

9am 54 miles Little Outing To Little Horwood

10am 40 miles Kop Hill Classic

10am 20 miles “easy does it”

Please remember to bring a copy of your chosen route.

Don’t forget next Sunday (22nd September) has the option of a day by the seaside with an outing to the Isle of Wight, we expect to be catching a 9am ferry from Portsmouth and then ride around the island on a 68 mile route with sea views all the way! The pace will be around 15mph, so a chance to take in the views and an ice cream or two!

Velos Rides For Sunday 8th September 2019

This week the 9am longer route is a slight variation on an old favourite to Cranfield university. At 55 miles without many big hills it should bring riders back to the Rose & Crown in good time for refreshments. It uses an underpass to get under the busy A421 with some delightful graffiti to balance the mostly rural feel to the rest of the ride!

Dave B has provided us with a 10am route which he describes as “lumpy and bumpy”, having just conquered Mount Ventoux, I imagine this might be a challenging 36 miles!

Those short of time could dash round the 10am short ride (22 mile)

Which ever ride you decide upon, please bring a map/gps file to remain on course, stay safe and leave no one behind!

Velos rides for Sunday 1st September 2019

Thanks to Dave Bembridge for providing us with inspiration for routes to ride this weekend despite leading a team of velos to foreign shores! Those with a keen eye will note that the final 12 miles of the medium and long routes follow the same path and with the 9am route completing 15 extra miles on the 10am route there is every chance that these two routes come together for a glorious ceremonial run into the Rose and Crown.

Short route, 10am, 22 miles

Medium route 10am, 37 miles

Long route 9am, 52 miles

Which ever route you chose to enjoy, please bring a map/gps file and play your part in making sure no one gets left behind!

Velo Rides for 25th August 2019

In case anyone missed our midweek post, or is missing their Saturday night Velo news, here is a repeat of our rides for Sunday.

Dave Bembridge will lead the longest ride this weekend with an 80 mile ride at a steady pace & including refreshment stops. The ride will gather at the Rose and Crown at 8.30am

The 9am ride led by Dave Howe is a 55 mile rolling outing to Denham. No one will be left behind!

At 10am you can take part in a 40 mile Woburn ride:

Or for those short of time a 19 mile quickie:

As the weather is set to be pretty warm it might be worth considering some extra water supplies. The longer routes also have opportunities to top up using local shops at the 60km mark (Harpenden on the 8.30 ride and Little Chalfont on the 9am ride)

Whichever course you tackle, enjoy it and see you back at the Rose and Crown for tales of your cycling adventures.

Velos News & Routes For Sunday 25th August 2019

With the bank holiday looming and the forecast good, here is a midweek post with a couple of heads-up for you.

As this weekend is a bank holiday Dave Bembridge has put together, and will lead, a longer route covering 80 miles tackling some of the Chiltern Way. This ride will start from the Rose and Crown and will be a steady ride with coffee/food stops. Please arrive by 8.30am to join this route:

We will be offering the usual route options on Sunday with a 55 mile 9am ride to Denham, designed to be completed and back to the pub by 1pm for re-hydration.

At 10am you can take part in a 40 mile Woburn ride:

Or for those short of time a 19 mile quickie:

With sunshine on the way and a long weekend ahead, if you are planning to ride on Saturday or Monday why not invite others by sharing on our Facebook rear hub.

Also on the horizon several “Ivinghoe velos” are circumnavigating the Isle of Wight, a hilly 68 mile ride planned for 22nd September. This ride is planned to be ridden as a group with a ball-park figure of 15mph average. To be flexible (if the weather is inclement) we won’t be booking ahead but we aim to be on a 9.15am ferry from Portsmouth.

Velos rides for Sunday 18th August 2019

Daylight Robbery: This week we will revisit a piece of local history with a 9am ride which passes the very site of the great train robbery and then follows, perhaps, the getaway route to Leatherslade Farm near Oakley. The ride is of a reasonable length to be able to complete within 4 hours at a fairly relaxed pace, so back to the Rose and Crown by 1pm.

In August 1963 a gang of men stopped a Royal Mail train at Bridego Bridge (recently renamed Mentmore Bridge). They got away with £2.6M (£54M in today’s money) most of which was never recovered. How would we have ridden the ride in 1963? In those days Spandex (Lycra to us cyclists) had just been invented and carbon fibre had only just been manufactured for the first time, so you be heading out on your 4 speed Wilier Triestina steel framed road bike. You would be wearing your polyester club top with whipcord shorts with a double seat (so they din’t get worn out, not for comfort).

9am Route 55miles:

The 10am routes Crafted by Dave B take us on a hilly 38 miles to Caddington or a flat 24 miles to Halton. If you are doing a 10am route and want to visit Bridigo Bridge, it’s only a short diversion through Ivinghoe Aston or Mentmore.

10am 36 miles:

10am 24 miles

So come on out, try to steal a King/Queen of the mountain, pinch a few PRs, you would feel robbed if you didn’t! Please arrive promptly and bring your choosen route map/gps file so you don’t get lost in the getaway.