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Velos Rides for Sunday 9th February 2014

It’s a bit blowy out so we are going for something a little shorter on our rides this week. To help with being blown about, we are recommending that we try and keep together in groups of riders – just like the Peloton ! We are not sure what the surface water is like on the routes so if you know something is impassable at the moment, please suggest an alternative before we start the ride.

As always, we meet at the Rose & Crown from 9:45am for a 10am start.

Shorter ride 

Longer(ish) ride


Saturday 10 am Tea Ride

The weather tomorrow looks interesting, but the tea ride goes on. Waterproofs recommended. Meet outside the Rose and Crown at 10am as usual and we will try and find a short, dry and sunny route to tea and cake. The Rose and Crown isn’t open until midday, so not THAT short.

Velos Rides for Sunday 2nd February 2014

The forecast is much, MUCH dryer than last week, which is a good thing as last Sunday was one of the toughest group rides we have endured, mainly due to the rain, sleet, hail, floods and freezing temperatures.

Chiltern 100

Some of our group have expressed interest in riding what is regarded as the toughest Sportive held in around here – The Chiltern 100 that takes place on the 1st June. A few Velos have signed up already to the 110 mile Gran Fondo. If you are considering it, our advice is to sign up now – last year they were full by March !

This Week

This week’s Sunday routes  have kindly been submitted by Mr Dave “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” Bembridge. The first is a 31 mile loop taking in Great Gaddesden, Potten End and Hawridge. The second shorter route of 21 miles heads off in the same direction, but cuts back towards home at Potten End. So tomorrow is ideal if you are unsure which route is for you – simply hold off deciding until the split point.

Longer Route

Shorter Route

One last thing. The Sun is forecast to be out tomorrow, which normally is a great thing. The only down side is that it sits low on the horizon and can dazzle both us and drivers following us. Please bear this in mind – it may even be advisable to have a rear light on just in case.