Humpty Trumpty…

wanted a wall.
Humpty Trumpty wanted it tall.
Now Emily Kaufman has created her own
And behind it Trumpty news will be thrown.

Fed up of hearing his nonsense each day?
To avoid the man, there now is a way.
Download the filter – it’s free for you
Block out Trump & improve your view.

This is a wall we may all want to build.
To remove the Trump may leave us thrilled.
Sadly this is just an online tool
And still, in the real world, we are stuck with the fool.

You are, of course, entitled to your own political view but given free speech and the lack of other information filtering through to my little brain this week, you are also entitled to my opinion.

The only other useful information I have to impart at this times that the Tea Ride will be departing the Rose & Crown, Ivinghoe at 10am.  As fast as the slowest rider.  Those wishing to cycle at 10-12 mph, please form a separate group.

Velos Rides for Sunday 12th February 2017

Given the sub-optimal weather conditions at the moment, we have just two rides this week, one on mountain / cross bikes off-road and the other a road bike ride.

10am start, 31 mile road route

10am start, 26 mile off-road route (with a number of opportunities to shorten the route for those who don’t want to do the whole 26 miles)

We launch from the Rose and Crown in Ivinghoe at 10am. Please bring a copy of your chosen route with you.


…. will be cold.
….will probably be snowing.
….will still go ahead.

And if you don’t fancy the outdoors, “It” by Stephen King is a tremendous read.

The Tea Ride. Saturdays at 10am.  Whatever the weather.
As fast as the slowest rider.  If 8-10 mph is too slow for you, please feel free to form a second, faster group.


Velos Rides for Sunday 5th February 2017

Two rides to choose from this this week.

9am start, 50 miles

10am start, 29 miles

As always, please bring a copy of your chosen route with you. We depart from the Rose and  Crown in Ivinghoe at the times stated above.

Call for routes : Most of our routes have been planned by either Dave B or Dave H for which we are very grateful. If you have an idea for a new route, please do send it in either via the contact us page on the website, or on our Facebook page.

It may persist…

This Saturday,
And so shall I,
With what I have to say.

The Tea Ride is meant
To be fun for all.
Both young & old
Short & tall.

There are many needs
It tries to meet.
Whilst finding quiet routes
And places to eat.

Helping build confidence &
Teach skills on the seat
(A bit like learning to dance
If you’ve two left feet).

The pace is set
By the slowest one out.
If we go too fast
You just have to shout.

We stop and we start
All around the lanes
Preferably in places where
The traffic load wanes.

But we can’t please all
In one big group.
Our ride styles are different,
We’re an oddball group!

As ride leaders we’re here
To help & support
Guide a group
And share what we’ve been taught.

If your needs aren’t met
And you find it too slow.
Perhaps the main ride
You’ve begun to outgrow.

We don’t want you to leave us
And ride alone.
But we don’t want you to just
Be bored to the bone.

Pick a pal who rides
At a similar pace
And a longer route to our tea stop
You then can trace.

Our motto is simple
And to it we adhere
“As fast as the slowest”
We hope this is clear.

Meeting at the Rose & Crown for a 10am departure.

A Much Better Diet …?

OK, so a fair few of us are probably bemoaning “Dry/Damp January”… “Thin January”…. “Broke January”….  a fair few on a diet…. a bunch on a health kick.  Let’s see how long we can all last at whatever it is we have chosen.  Keep up the willpower!!

On January 28th, 1521, the Diet of Worms began.  It all looks so much better now doesn’t it.

It lasted until May 25th.  Come on Velos… we can do better than that!

Exercise & carefully balanced nourishment.  10am at the Rose & Crown, Ivinghoe.  Be part of the TEAM. (Together, Everyone Achieves More).

To D.C……

A traveling circus came
It brought a pompous businessman
And Donald was his name.
One dark night
He slipped his golden chain
And off he ran to inaugurate
And “Make America Great Again”.

Ooooooooooooo. .

Donald the Republican packed his trunk
And said bye to the family business
Off he went with a Trumpety-Trump
Trump, Trump, Trump
Donald the businessman packed his trunk
And created a politics circus
Off he went with a Trumpety-Trump
Trump, Trump, Trump.

Night by night
He stirred up the political band
When Donald was leading the big parade
He looked so proud and grand.
Lots more tricks
For Donald to perform
They taught him how to take a bow
And he certainly caused a storm.

The ex-head of UKIP was calling
Far, far away
They met one night in the golden light
In a Tower where he should stay.
So Donald from T.V. packed his trunk
And created healthcare turmoil
Off he went with a Trumpety-Trump
Trump, Trump, Trump.

Ooooooooooooo. .

Donald the capitalist packed his trunk
And made an odd set of friends
Off he went with a Trumpety-Trump
Trump, Trump, Trump
Donald the tycoon packed his trunk
And went off to rule the world
Off he went with a Trumpety-Trump
Trump, Trump, Trump.

I’m sorry.  I couldn’t resist.  Nothing to do with cycling whatsoever, but now I’ve got it out of my system, let’s get onto the real news.  It’s going to be cold but there is always a Tea Ride for those who dress accordingly!  Leaving the Rose & Crown, Ivinghoe at 10am.  Be there.  Or be disappointed at home.